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This blog site has been long in the making since I started anesthesia school. I remember I googled and found a few blogs sites before and during I was in school where the bloggers shared their experiences as nurse anesthesia students. It was great to learn how other fellow students went through the program as they were on this career path. To me, this career is a continuous path where we keep growing as a seasoned provider. I feel that it is vital to share our clinical experiences so that we can improve our practices. It is my hope that this site will connect with you whether it is life in anesthesia in general or providing some useful information for future student nurse anesthetist and/or current practicing CRNAs to promote best clinical practice. So come on in and send me your thoughts or feedbacks.




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  1. Doug says:

    Hi looking for any articles (cites) backing up your nov 21 2016 article on Amniotic fluid embolism in relation to AOK treatment. Not much in the literature?


    1. Behind The Drape says:

      Hi Doug, thank you for reading the post. As you pointed out, there are no RCA, or retrospective studies due to the rarity of the AFE. The proposed mechanism of action is based animal studies and case report. I added the reference of the case report. Thanks for the feedbacks.


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