Keep the Physical Youth!

I know this post is not directly related to anesthesia, but it is important to us because we want to take care of ourselves first.

What I want to advocate here is caloric restriction diet. The reason is that calorie restriction without malnutrition increases not only longevity but also delays the onset of age-associated disorders in multiple species. Don’t we all want to age gracefully? Several studies have shown that caloric restriction is the only nongenetic intervention that has consistently demonstrated extended mean and maximal life span in short-lived mammalian species. The beneficial effects of CR have been proven in laboratory rodents and other mammals including monkey and chimpanzee. The most recent study on monkeys undergoing CR conducted at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) has further substantiated the beneficial findings on aging in laboratory rodents and other species.  Caloric restriction prevents or delays the onset of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, possibly cancer as well. Biomarkers related to age-related diseases were also found reduced  in monkeys on CR compared to controls. One of the mechanisms postulated is via glucoregulatory mechanism.  As we age, our glucoregulatory control become deteriorating which may contribute to many chronic diseases such as DM2, heart diseases etc. Caloric restriction may ameliorate the aging process by improving glucoregulatory control. The other mechanism that may have involved in delaying the aging process is via reducing oxidative species generated from mitochodria.



So how much do we need to cut down on our calories. Studies on Chimpanzees used 33% reduction of calories on a daily diet and it showed that not only the experimental group had longevity but also better physical appearance. Meaningful aging and good health should be our motivation to cut down our calorie intake so we will remain healthy and youthful.

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