Anesthesia Apps

We can’t live without our smartphones these days. There are several good apps I really like. The apps are particularly helpful for cases I don’t do on a regular basis. So this post is dedicated to the smart phone apps. First and for foremost, my favorite app is Vargo app, which provides case tips (it is essentially a concise version of Gaffe with anesthesia implications), CABG, drips and common drugs and pediatric basic. It covers pretty much everything you need to know. If you only want to pay for one app on your phone, this is THE APP to get. FYI: I am not endorsed by any of the apps! This app also offers crisis management as well. I feel that you get the most bang for your bucks.

The other app that we may need is Coagulate. There were quite a few new coagulation drugs that came out within the past few years. This is a good app to give you a quick reference on the guidelines on what’s recommended not only for general cases, but for regional and peripheral blockade.

The third app I have on my phone is Block GuRu. It covers the most peripheral blocks we do. For each peripheral block, it covers the tips, anatomy, procedure step-by-step, and a 3D video of performing the block.

If you want specific pedi app, Pedi Anesthesia is a good choice. It has pre-caculated drugs, and the equipments based on weight or age, procedure notes, and precalculated EBV and ABL.

The aforementioned apps I discussed in this post should pretty much cover everything you need for your practice. If you have some other new good apps that you like, please feel free to make comments!

Stay warm my friends!

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Times are chaignng for the better if I can get this online!


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