The Attitude — the Key to Becoming A Superstar

I hope this blog finds you well. This is a lessen I learned albeit a little too late in my clinical training. I am sharing this with you hoping that you can become the superstar that I once wanted to become as a SRNA. Most of CRNAs to be are type A people, a very few of them are type B. I were one of them. I was quite and did my job as what I were supposed to in my clinical. I was hard-working and never took a day off in my clinicals. But I was an average performer in my clinical. My academic performance was great. However, I was never given those rotations where good students could get to go such as the pediatric rotation or the county hospitals. I asked myself many times why???!!!. One day I shared my feelings with my director, at that moment, I clicked when he discussed the importance of attitude at work place. It was almost like the light bulb lit up when you clicked. I remember my seniors gave us the spiel about having a good attitude at the orientation, I didn’t fully understand back then. Sometimes we need to be told more specifically about what we can do to have the good attitude and the effects of a good attitude. So here below is my secret recipe to ensure your success in your clinical training as well as a professional. This is what I call being likable!

Have a genuine smile every day when you come to work. You need to believe yourself that you are happy to come to clinical. If you tell yourself many times a day and your mind will be tricked even if you don’t feel that way. You need to act as you are truly interested in getting to know people whether they are preceptors, surgeons, circulators and scrub techs. The key to success is to give off positive energy to people around you. You have the potential to invigorate people around, make them feel alive and liked.  Don’t talk to people in a monotone. Add a little intonation and you will notice the difference. Don’t complain about anything. That bring out the negative energy. No one, especially your preceptor wants to hear about all the whining. Please be enthusiastic about your school and your clinical day. You will notice the difference in your clinical evaluations. I was once a student and now I precept SRNAs sometimes. I have been both sides. I now fully understand why my evaluation was average back then. I feel motivated to teach if a student shows enthusiasm vs. a student who just does his/her job and sit there and not to talk too much during a case. You aren’t likable if you don’t show that you are truly interested in learning anesthesia.  Please bring your positive energy to clinical and other people would feel better around you. Imagine you being surrounded with negative people, would you feel happy and energized by the end of the day? Act on it and you can become the superstar at your work place or the superstar SRNA at your clinical site.

Key points:

  1. Make it a point to smile, engage, and genuinely care what others say.
  2. DO NOT Complain anything even if your preceptor asks you how you are doing.
  3. Be aware of your emotion. Bringing positive energy to clinical is the key to the ultimate success. Show your enthusiasm to learning.

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